Good news!

Good news!

Here is an updated selection of news that will make you feel good!


Africa finally kicks out wild polio! After 9 billion oral doses provided, one of the most important Nelson Mandela’s campaign has finally achieved victory. (Africa Kicks Out Wild Polio)

JULY 2020

  • 83 millionnaires from different origins request countries to raise taxes immediately, substantially and permanently in order to redistribute wealth. At the end of their letter, they state “Humanity is more important than our money” (El País, Millioinaires for humanity).

JUNE 2020

  • Portugal announces the creation of a solidarity tax of 0.02 percentage points on the banking sector. The country hopes to collect 33 million euros that will be destined to the Social Security Financial Stabilization Fund (Expansión).
  • Several open-door schools teach farmers how to improve the quality and yield of their cocoa plantations. For some, it has meant being able to feed themselves and triple their profits. In 2019, 2000 people were trained. In addition, with the help of the European LICSIP project, national law was changed to allow women to own land and to continue to move towards equality (El País).
  • Europe launches its own cloud platform, Gaia-X, in order to avoid relying on foreign technological giants (Reuters).

MAY 2020

  • For the first time, 21 out of the 35 companies listed on IBEX 35 have 30% or more women on their boards. The market regulator, the CNMV, plans to increase the target to 40% for the years to come (Cinco Días).
  • Tate Britain’s Turner prize 2020 has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but will be substituted by a a dozen grants in the ballpark of 10,000£ (The Guardian).
  • Spain passes the “minimum vital revenue” for the poorest households or those at risk of exclusion. It ranges from 461,5€ to 1.015€, depending on the cases (El País).
  • The “Solar Mamas” Project, in Madagascar, has trained 40 illiterate women on how to produce solar energy, bringing light to over 2,000 households. Numbers are expected to grow until 2030 (El País).
  • Italian Ministry of Agriculture, headed by Ms. Teresa Bellanova, regularizes the situation of nearly 500,000 migrant field and domestic workers (El País).
  • In Maldives, male help with household chores and care responsibilities has increased during Covid-19 pandemic (UN Women).
  • Banksy drew Game Changer, where superheroes are replaced by a super-nurse, to thank healthcare personnel for their work during the pandemic (El País).
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Banksy’s Game Changer, drawn on the walls of a Southampton’s hospital, U.K.

APRIL 2020

  • From 29 April to 31 July, the Helmut Kohl building of the European Parliament shelters 103 women, homeless or victim of gender-based violence. The Parliament also prepares 1,000 menus per day, for those who are most in need in Brussels (El País).
  • After 2 years of progression, 50:50 The Equality Project from BBC improves the gender gap: contents with at least 50% visible female presence went from 34% to 66% (El País).
  • Sudan outlaws female genital mutilation. In a country where 9 out of 10 women can have been subjected to the most severe form of genital mutilation, perpetrators now face up to three years imprisonment and a fine (The New York Times).
  • Trump says to (undocumented) migrant field workers: “We want you to come”. The need to harvest fruit shows how essential their work is for U.S.A.’s economy (El País).
  • Animals enjoy the land and sea we’re not crowding due to Covid-19’s quarantine (BBC).

MARCH 2020

  • Lima municipality transforms Acho square in a shelter for 122 homeless people during the pandemic: la Casa de Todos (Everybody’s House). Around 70 local companies have participated in the project through financial and food donations. Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche’s restaurant has been open to the 12 chefs who alternate to prepare the daily menus (El Comercio).
  • Air pollution drops over many cities due to the halt of economic activity during the Covid-19 pandemic (BBC).

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