About us

About us

Nextia, in Náhuatl, means “finding what is necessary for life”. Here, you will find our reflections and proposals for a better coexistance.

Definition of “Nextia” from the Diccionario de la lengua Náhuatl o mexicana, by Rémi Siméon

Manuel Varese Cabrera is a Latin-American sociologist born in Oaxaca, México, specialized in political sciences. Seeker of a better hummanity, he investigates invisible injustices based on power structures.
Master in Political Arts (Cum Laude) by SciencesPo Paris University and studies in journalism, he works as a consultant in responsible communication and human rights.

Matilde Fourey is European and a committed feminist. Former criminal lawyer, she now writes about (uncomfortable) issues related to gender and women empowerment.
She has a Master in Public Affairs by SciencesPo Paris University, focused on gender and inequalities, and studies in gender-based violence, social intervention with migrant women and intercultural mediation.

Please feel free to contact us at: nextia.uno@gmail.com or through our other platforms:
Instagram: @nextia.uno
Twitter: @NextiaUno