dare to know, dare to act! dare to know, dare to act!

In Matrix, we would have taken the red pill without a doubt. The blue one meant Neo would keep living in a world that others had created for him, the red one meant a raw reveal of how the system worked.

What is Nextia?

“Nextia” comes from Nahuatl and has several meanings: to discover, to discover oneself, to discover a secret, to reveal, to clarify, to declare, to make appear or to unite and, also, to create. This website is based on the following meanings: to look for what is necessary to life (nitla-nextia) [1] and mirror that makes things appear (tezcatla-nextia) [2].


Uno (one) represents at the same time what is solitary and what is whole; unity. is a way of revealing what is necessary for the life of the community, making knowledge transparent and proposing actions for improvement. We know individual action has an impact on planetary responsibility, and we are part of the world of tomorrow.

Brief history of

In 1636, Galileo Galilei was sentenced by the Inquisition for proving, through a telescope, that Earth revolved around the Sun and not the other way around. The justice of that time demanded that he disprove his theory, forcing him to publicly retract and assert his findings were only a hypothesis rather than something he had managed to prove. According to the legend, when he had to deny his own findings and claim that Earth was static, he quietly said “eppur si muove” which means: and yet, it moves.

The audacity of eppur si muove inspired this website: we want to highlight neglected but important knowledge. We know humanity’s advancement has depended – and still depends? – on the findings of people who have been forced to remain silent. We also know that all knowledge arises in a certain territory and deals with the power rules of the place and time in which it was developed. Thus, now that we have a “universal history”, we want to take it up again from spaces, moments and people, past and present, whose role in this story isn’t depicted as it should, according to the role they really played or that was circumstantially attributed to them.

We wanted to highlight the native peoples of Latin America and thought, for example, of Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, a self-proclaimed sochologist (by appropriating herself of the insult she received as a sociologist who studies “cholos” or indigenous people) of Aymara origin (Bolivia), who has developed the concept of Ch’ixi (pronounced “cheje”). This concept means “not to deny one part or the other, neither to look for a synthesis, but rather to admit the permanent subjective struggle between the Indian and the European in us”. We are a blend and an identity.

Silvia Ribera Cusicanqui’s ch’ixi took us through times and cultures, to the Nahuatl word “nextia” and the domain “.uno”.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

We all matter. We are the result of that original cell that, 3 800 million years ago, gave rise to life. Our humanity progressively accepts the discoveries of philosophers, scientists, artists and scholars. We know that the world is not going well enough, so we try to detect injustices and propose a different way of positioning both present and history. Analysis is not the end; we take risks with proposals and action.

At, we want to move away from the status quo (although we know it is not easy) and give a space to intellectuals who have been labeled as alternative, as well as popular wisdom. We address uncomfortable issues when necessary and propose solutions that, if not within the framework of what is acceptable, seek to enlarge that framework.

“Differences enrich us, respect unites us”: this is how we defend freedom of opinion upon debauchery of expression. In simple terms, we do not tolerate intolerance: insults and adjectives that disqualify any argument (including xenophobia, racism, discrimination, judging religious, ethnic, gender and/or sexual orientation). But we encourage and welcome constructive criticism, in the articles or in the forum. is a platform where alternatives are proposed, whether ideological or for action, and promotes dialogue and consensus. Therefore, criticism must be in favor of humanity’s advancement, as a unifiable whole rather than as atomized individuals.

For us, the challenge is to be inclusive. We have decided to make a non-sexist use of language that is readable. It can sometimes be uncomfortable because it is new, not because it is wrong. Since language is a living entity, we choose to be language activists. As Eduardo Galeano says, “many small people, doing small things, in small places, can change the world”. We invite our readers to be understanding of this.

English is not our mother tongue, but we would rather use an imperfect English than to remain silent. We appreciate any suggestion that will make grammar or readability better and thank you in advance for that, should you decide to send your thoughts to us. Destructive comments will be politely removed.

We know how important words are and respect the written word. We believe in citizen empowerment and in solidary revolution. We encourage responsible Internet users and communicators through an information transfer based on reflection and knowledge. We support the transformation of communication as an inclusive culture, as opposed to fake news.

What we write today is intertwined with the sum of experiences accumulated since the original life cell. Aware that ideas are constantly influenced by one another through time and space, to the point that it is sometimes difficult to have a univocal authorship, we respect copyright. For this reason, we are grateful to every being who has allowed us to get to where we are, from the person who invented the wheel to you, who are reading us.

We were born into this system, and we undertake to be the generation that improves it: either we do it by transforming it, or we continue with the commonly spread “this is life”, when it has been demonstrated that, “as humanity, this is how we have built life to be”. We want people to choose knowingly.
Dare to know, dare to act!



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